You can help survivors of sexual abuse to heal and walk a path to joy and life.
Your $65 tax-deductible gift to *Girls off the Streets (09340) will provide a month of expenses at the Redlight-Greenlight (RLGL) aftercare home, including medical care, counselling, legal assistance and education.


When Aysha^ arrived at the Redlight-Greenlight aftercare home, she was deeply traumatised from a situation of sexual abuse.
She could not even do simple things like finish a meal, draw a straight line or brush her teeth. The RLGL staff were also concerned that she might have extra learning difficulties.
This was confirmed by a psychologist who said that there was low probability Aysha would ever read and write.
Fast-forward to today, and Aysha is flourishing. She overcame the odds and learnt to read and write! She is also completing a beautician course to prepare her for the future. Aysha’s personal growth was noticeable when she said,

“This is where I am meant to stay and grow!”


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 *Gifts of $2 or more to SIMaid projects are tax-deductible and will receive a receipt.
Should a project raise funds in excess of its target, we will apply it to similar projects where most needed.

^Not real name. Changed to protect identity.
Photo by SAM Nasim is a representative image.