Welcome to the Republic of Ghana. On March 6, 1957, Ghana became the first black African nation to gain independence from British colonial rule.At the same time, the name of the country, a land rich in history and natural resources, was changed.

The European name "Gold Coast" recalled a painful history, a time of trade in gold with the Portuguese in the fifteenth century, followed in the seventeenth century by slave trade involving the Portuguese, Dutch, British, Danish, French, and Spanish.

The new name, Ghana, was borrowed from the great African empire which once flourished in Mali and Senegal.

Ghana lies just north of the equator bordered by Burkina Faso, Togo, and Cote d’Ivoire. It is rich in gold which attracted much exploitation by European traders, followed by the even more devastating exploitation of slave trading in the 17th -19th century. Southern Ghana is predominantly "Christian," though largely nominal. Outside Accra and a few other major cities, the majority of people live in small villages, where African traditional religions dominate and Islam is increasing.

 SIM at work

SIM first entered Ghana in 1952. Early efforts resulted in Maranatha Bible College and Challenge Enterprises of Ghana (CEG), now fully autonomous. CEG fosters media for evangelism and church development. Challenge Cinema Today shows Christian films throughout Ghana via touring vans.

The Challenge Enquiry Center in Accra provides outreach and follow-up ministries. The Bible Church of Africa mainly grew out of SIM's work among unreached tribes in northern Ghana. BCA now has more than 10,000 believers in southern, central, and northern Ghana. Ghanaians are receptive to the Gospel, especially the youth.

SIM missionaries are involved in theological education, marriage and family ministries, women's and youth ministry, church planting, capacity building, and ministries to human need. To encourage discipleship, they are working on curriculum development for vernacular Bible schools and publishing materials in the languages of the people.

SIM Partner church

The Bible Church of Africa (BCA) grew out of SIM's work among unreached people groups in northern Ghana beginning in 1978. BCA now has more than 5,000 believers in southern, central, and northern Ghana. The mission arm of BCA, the Evangelical Missionary Alliance (EMA), plans to enter seven unreached groups in Ghana. SIM partners with excellent Ghanian organisations like the Radach Centre.


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