The SIM Effect – 130 years of mission

SIM International – 4000 active workers (from) 70+ nationalities (serving in) 70+ countries

SIM Australia – 130+ missionaries, 100 projects (serving in) 30+ countries

Our distinct focus

Least Reached Communities - We share the Gospel where Christ is least known
Multicultural Teams – We celebrate ethnic diversity

Local Partnerships – We partner closely with churches, Bible colleges, schools and hospitals

An Impossible Vision

Our story began in 1893 when three courageous young men, Bingham, Gowans and Kent landed at Lagos, Nigeria with a bold vision to establish a Christian witness amongst the 60 million unreached people living in what was then known as the Soudan in sub-Saharan Africa. Established missions told them it was impossible, but the young men were undeterred.

Shortly after arriving in Nigeria, Gowans and Kent died of malaria. The third man, Rowland Bingham, returned home seriously ill. Refusing to give up, Bingham tried again. This time the fever forced him to return home for good.  
The Lord had another important role for him. If he couldn’t be a missionary, then Bingham would be a mission mobiliser!

A Mission Mobiliser

Bingham mobilised a team of courageous Christians who eventually achieved his vision. His passion and conviction inspired others to finish what he started.

In 1902, a team of missionaries sent by Bingham set up a base in sub-Saharan Africa 800 km inland (modern day Nigeria). Bingham continued to serve tirelessly on the home-front, supporting the mission team through prayer, letters, funds and through telling their stories.

This was the beginning of the Sudan Interior Mission which has grown to become SIM International today.

Stronger Together

In the 1980s SIM merged with International Christian Fellowship (ICF) serving in South Asia and the Andes Evangelical Mission (AEM) in South America.

In 1998 SIM merged with Africa Evangelical Fellowship (AEF) serving in southern Africa.

SIM is an international partnership that grew from roots in different parts of the world. Our founders recognised their shared vision for mission and knew they would be stronger together as one mission society, SIM, Serving in Mission.

SIM Today

Our founders were pioneers who faced overwhelming physical, mental and spiritual challenges because they each had a burden to see the Gospel take root and bear fruit in the lives of the least reached.

Today SIM continues to call God’s people to partner with us and venture into the farthest corners of the world so we can share the Good News about Jesus with the least reached. Will you join us?
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