34 Million Orphans

Thursday, 13 November 2014 34 Million Orphans It’s estimated that over 34 million children are orphans as a result of HIV/AIDS throughout Africa today.

SIM’s HOPE for AIDS Orphan Care (96255) project is impacting the lives of hundreds of children in Malawi through community mentoring and education support – from preschool right through to high school graduation.

Orphan Care provides sponsorship for vulnerable high school students who would otherwise be unable to attend school due to poverty. Students like Jacob, a HIV/AIDS orphan who recently achieved excellent results in his final high school exams.

Without the support of SIM’s Orphan Care project to cover the cost of their school tuition, exam fees and uniforms, Jacob would have been forced to drop out of high school, continuing a family cycle of poverty and hopelessness.

Jacob is living proof that the cycle can be broken! He was awarded a government scholarship to complete a science degree at the University of Malawi. Jacob’s dream is to become a doctor.
Currently Orphan Care sponsors 125 high school students, enabling them to stay in school.

“Among teenagers, the statistics are showing an increase in the rate of HIV infection, so there’s a real need to reach the next generation with accurate information so they can make good decisions and prevent the spread of HIV,” said Jacky Hammond.

In rural areas where preschool education is virtually unheard of, children have few opportunities to learn or play, and often suffer from malnutrition. SIM’s Orphan Care project runs five day care centres for vulnerable children and orphans.

Rute’s dad died when she was two years old. Her mum began dropping her off at an Orphan Care day care centre so she could look for casual work. Rute was so excited to be part of the lessons and games. She devoured the daily meal of vitamin-fortified “super porridge”.

A local church volunteer regularly visited Rute and her mum to offer practical, emotional and spiritual support.

Today Rute is a thriving 9-year-old, attending a local primary school. Rute’s headmaster said that children who attended the Orphan Care day care centre were more confident and disciplined, and exceled in their studies compared to other children in the village.

Over the past five years, our Orphan Care project has impacted the lives of over 850 preschool age children, many of them HIV/AIDS orphans. Around 240 preschool children benefited from the program this year.

Your support makes a difference in the fight against HIV/AIDS and helps bring HOPE to orphans and vulnerable children. Thank you!

Your tax-deductible gift to SIM's HOPE for AIDS projects can help provide preschool age children in Malawi with day care, preschool education and a daily meal of nutritious “super-porridge.” For some of the children, the food provided at the centre is their only decent meal.
*Source: UNAIDS Global Report 2012

Every day, over 4000 people die of AIDS – most of them in Sub-Saharan Africa.*
“HIV/AIDS is the most devastating disaster to hit Africa, but it presents a great opportunity for the church,” said Mike Hammond, Deputy Director of SIM Malawi.

SIM Australia missionaries, Mike and Jacky Hammond have been serving in Malawi since 2005 coordinating the HOPE for AIDS program. HOPE for AIDS is a SIM international initiative to help stop the spread of HIV and support families impacted by HIV/AIDS.

This Christmas, you can bring HOPE to orphans and vulnerable children impacted by HIV/AIDS by helping to break to the cycle of poverty and infection – the key is education.

Every day your sacrificial gifts are helping to transform the lives of children around the world who have been forgotten, neglected or marginalised. Thank you!

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