My Story is Different

Monday, 11 December 2017 My Story is Different
The Daily Bread School and Vocational Centre operates in the heart of a South Asian slum city. Thanks to your generous partnership, Zayan* was able to receive a scholarship to study at the school which provides quality education to children living in poverty.

Below, Zayan shared about Daily Bread and how the school is helping to rewrite his story through education. 

“I come from a family where my father, mother, brother, and sisters are all illiterate. But my story is different. My father enrolled me in Daily Bread School and Vocational Centre when I was five. Although, I came bit a late for Nursery class, my father didn’t mind it. Ever since my father enrolled me, so many things have changed. One of which is that I could read, write, and do so many things that I didn’t expect I could. I am proud to say that I am the first literate member in my family.
So, I continued my studies with hard work and perseverance. At first, it was hard for me but because of the help of my teachers and school admin, I was able to catch up and began to perform in my class. When my father’s brother heard about my school and how I’ve learned so much, he also enrolled his son. This is another milestone for my family and relatives. Not long after, my younger brother got an admission in the school. Now, it is not just me but my brother too who is now enjoying his right to education.
Because of Daily Bread School, I learned to become competitive academically. Now, I am reaping the fruits of my labour because the school has granted me an academic scholarship for getting the first position for three years in a row. I’ve also joined a lot of school competitions and these all helped me to boost my confidence in myself and in what I can accomplish.
Apart from academics, I’ve learned values. I used to be disrespectful to my parents in so many ways. Here, I was not only taught English, Science, Math, etc. but most of all the school is concerned about my character and how should I be as a person. I’ve learned so many things such as respect for others, obedience to one’s parents…
I am so happy and thankful that I am in this school that provides me a good education and a good future for my family.”
-Zayan, Student at Daily Bread School in South Asia

You can help rewrite the stories of children living in poverty like Zayan! Click here to give a gift to SIM's Daily Bread project in South Asia. 


*Name changed to protect identity, representative image used

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