Ekta's Story: Free from sex slavery and has hope for her future

Wednesday, 5 November 2014 Ekta Ekta* was rescued from sex trafficking in Asia and stayed at SIM’s ^Redlight-Greenlight aftercare home in Asia for several months. “When I came to the Redlight Greenlight aftercare home, I was not good… I was really a loser and I was scared of everyone,” Ekta said.

“I used to cry, saying, ‘I want to go home.’ But with time I’ve changed a lot … I know that if I go [back home right now], I won’t have any future and my family will taunt me. That’s why I decided not to go home just yet. I want to do something good with my life.

”Sadly, children like Ekta are frequently the most vulnerable to abuse and the devastating impact of poverty and disease. But through the generous support of caring Australians like you, Ekta is free from sex slavery and has hope for her future.

“Now I feel good in my life and I’m not scared of anyone anymore because I have strength inside of me… So I can face others with my head held high,” Ekta said.

“All this strength was inside me, but I didn’t use it.“What happened to me [being trafficked and exploited] … hurts my heart, but I have left it behind and found a new life – a new life given to me by the Redlight-Greenlight project.

So I’m happy because I’ve become a stronger girl.”SIM’s Redlight-Greenlight project is helping to rehabilitate adolescent girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking and sexual abuse by providing counselling, medical care, legal support, education and more.

In the past two years, the project team have made a positive impact in the lives of over 70 girls like Ekta.While she was at the aftercare home, Ekta began reading the Bible. Ekta is now 18 and is staying at a Christian restoration home where she is able to continue her journey of spiritual and emotional healing. She is attending a local church and pursuing her education and vocational training.“I’ve learned so many things for my life.

Now, today and tomorrow, I give thanks for Redlight-Greenlight project. ”We give thanks to God for your faithful partnership in this work, which is helping to bring hope to many precious children like Ekta.

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^Redlight-Greenlight project is part of Girls off the Streets Fund. Gifts of $2 or more to SIMaid projects are tax-deductible and will receive a receipt. Should a project raise funds in excess of its target, we will apply it to similar projects where most needed.

*name changed to protect identity


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