Tuesday, 9 October 2018 Shalom Shalom (Hope for Life Asia) was established in 2001. Shalom has a vision of bringing transformation and hope to the lives of people in Asia that are infected or affected by the unfolding tragedy of HIV/AIDS. The focus is on prevention, care, treatment and support services. 
Rani’s Story

“My fondest memories of childhood are of me clipping the nails of clients at my father’s shop” says Rani*. 

She recalls growing up in a village, as a young, vibrant girl full of hopes and dreams. She remembers how her life changed after she got married and moved to her husband’s home. 

“After we got married, my husband moved in a distant city in search of employment. I was left to stay with my in-laws who never bothered to care for me or acknowledge my presence in the house. My husband would come visit me once a while. However, I felt lonely most times and was very unhappy. I started to become weak physically,” says Rani sadly.

After five years, her husband took Rani to live with him. She thought this was just the change she needed. However, things did not improve. Her husband fell ill constantly and she spent most of her time caring for him. Rani's husband kept his positive HIV condition a secret from her but received treatment and care from Shalom.

Rani’s husband died in June 2015, leaving her completely shattered and broken. She recalls, “I had no support. I had four young children to care for. I was worried for them and felt completely hopeless". 
But Rani was not alone. The Shalom team then visited her home regularly and helped her cope with the loss. They walked with her as she came to terms with the realisation that both her and her youngest daughter were also HIV positive, providing emotional support, medical care and skills training to provide for herself and her family. 

Rani explains, “Shalom is like a family to me. It is closer to me than my blood relatives. They extended love, support and comfort to me and my family when everyone turned their back on us.” 

*Name changed to protect identity
^Representative imaged used

Praise God for the work of Shalom (Hope for Life Asia). Pray that God would bring holistic transformation and healing to those living in Asia and affected by HIV/AIDS. 
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