Caring for the Orphaned

Wednesday, 11 September 2019 Caring for the Orphaned
Zimbabwe has a population of 12 million people and over 1 million people are orphans. The huge orphan population is a result of the high HIV prevalence rate of 13.7%. SIM’s Vulnerable Children Interventions Project in Zimbabwe holistically cares for orphans and children who have sick parents. The project assists children with school fees, writing materials, food packs and seeds. Orphaned infants are fed with milk formula.
Hilda, who celebrated her first birthday last month, lives a life that is very different to Australian infants. Hilda’s mother tragically passed away three days after giving birth to her. Her mother, who was HIV Positive, died because of kidney failure.
Fortunately, during Hilda’s birth, the nurses at the health facility employed PMTCT (Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission) techniques so she is HIV Negative. The death of Hilda’s mother became a major disadvantage to her since it left her nutritionally disadvantaged and emotionally vulnerable.
Hilda’s aunty, Margarette, stepped in after the mother’s death and became the guardian of the young baby. Aunty Margarette is 35-years-old and lives in a high-density squatter area called Mahalape. In the squatter area, people live in shacks made from woodblocks commonly known as boards.
Aunty Margarette was struggling to look after her niece when she was introduced to the Vulnerable Children Intervention Ministry. Hilda has been given baby formula so that she grows into a strong and healthy toddler. Hida’s monthly health checks records show that she is healthy due to the formula milk Windows of Hope is supplying. Without the assistance of the formula milk, Hilda may have been initiated early into solid foods which would have compromised her health. 
Hilda’s Aunty Margarette said, “I thank Windows of Hope for assisting me with the tins of formula milk starting from January 2019 up to now.”
“Thank you so much for assisting. Hilda is growing well through this formula milk. I thank my caregiver for introducing me to Windows of Hope. May God bless you!”
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