Passing the Baton

Thank you for your faithful support with Angela.
The Lord calls His people in different ways to take the Gospel to all nations. Please consider continuing your partnership with one or more of these ministries through your prayer and/or financial support. The following are ministries that Angela would like you to consider helping her  ‘Pass the Baton’ to:

Malawi Orphan Care (96255) -*Tax-deductible project
*Your gift to Malawi Orphan Care project $2 and above is tax-deductible.
This project cares for orphans impacted by HIV and AIDS in communities throughout Malawi through a home-based care program where volunteers make regular visits to the sick and offer care and health advice to families.

HOPE for AIDS Prevention Programme (96654 - including Today for Tomorrow)
This project is NOT Tax-deductible.
This project aims to reach the youth of the Africa Evangelical Church (AEC) in Malawi, and the wider community, with AIDS prevention messages in a way which is relevant and will lead to a broader understanding and an increased personalisation of HIV and AIDS issues. This will then result in genuine behaviour change related to HIV and AIDS through an increased desire to live a godly lifestyle. As part of this project, children have been given lessons from the ‘Today for Tomorrow’ pilot program.

David and Christine Jeyachandran (078416) 
Donation to this ministry is NOT Tax-deductible.
David and Christine are working with University Students in Peru, discipling and encouraging them as they follow Jesus. They connect with students through Bible study groups, English conversation classes and web projects. David and Christine feel privileged to be part of a strategic ministry which can impact the future leaders of the nation.