SIM Prayer App

30 Days of Prayer for Missionaries

Since the earlier years of SIM, By Prayer has been our motto. This commitment to prayer continues today. Our SIM By Prayer app connects you with the most up-to-date prayer information for SIM worldwide. We invite you to download the app and pray with us!

To help you with praying for missionaries, SIM Australia has created a 30 day guide that will help you pray for missionaries while meditating on the truths of Scripture.

How to download
The app can be downloaded for the following devices:
• Apple iPhones and iPads - click here.
• Android phones - click here. Not available on Android tablets

Step by Step Instructions for Installation:
1. Use download links above or search: 'SIM By Prayer' in the Apple or Google Play store.
2. Follow prompts: GET - Install – Open.
3. Ok to send notifications.
4. Sign-up (NOT Sign-in).
5. Enter email address of your choice.
6. Enter password, confirm password.

Questions to customize the app include: name, gender, birth year, as well as the following:
[NB: If you choose ‘NO’ to customizing the app, you will simply be asked to verify that you are over 13 years of age.]
 Q: In the past 7 days how many days did you read or listen to the Bible?
 Q: How many times per day would you like SIM By Prayer to send you content? Answer ONE: there will be one prayer request per day. Users will receive two Bible verses per day as well.
• Q: How did you hear about SIM By Prayer? Answers are included in a drop-down option.
• Q: Do you want to take a five minute assessment? YES or NO,

Essential for receiving the prayer requests
Open the Welcome to SIM statement and follow the instructions on how to subscribe to the Prayer Requests Track.

How to subscribe to SIM Australia ‘30 Days of Prayer for Missionaries’ with Scripture

• Go to the ‘Hamburger’ menu (looks like three horizontal lines) on the top left hand corner of the app.
• Select the ‘My Tracks’ menu option.
• Use the add tool (+) to subscribe to the Prayer Requests track.
• Select ‘SIM Australia - 30 Days of Prayer for Missionaries’.
• Press ‘Subscribe’ to add the ‘Track’ to your app and receive a prayer point with scripture for 30 days.

*This app was generously designed and financed as part of the ministry of Back to the Bible and affiliate goTandem ( Because the purpose of Back to the Bible is to see God's word transform lives, you will also receive two Bible verses a day with the option of receiving up to twelve verses a day.