Tender-hearted Compassion

Wednesday, 12 August 2020 Tender-hearted Compassion
Shalom, a SIMaid project, has the vision to show tender-hearted compassion to the lives of those living with HIV in a large city of South Asia. This city has many seasonal migrants, including people living with HIV who come from neighbouring states to seek out effective care and treatment. Sadly, many are unable to access the medical assistance they need. Shalom stands in this gap by providing holistic care to vulnerable people groups who are living with or impacted by HIV. Below, you can read an example of how Shalom has made a much-needed difference for one family during this past season.  
Munira*, a lady in her 50’s, lives in a rented house with her three children. She is a widow who lost her husband to HIV and she has been on antiretroviral therapy since 2010. Her youngest child Khusi*, who is 15, was also found to be positive and is on treatment. Munira has visited Shalom many times for her physical ailments and for counselling sessions. 
As a housemaid, Munira was able to manage most of the daily expenses. However, during the COVID-19 crisis, Munira has not been called back to work. Many housemaids have been left unemployed as there is fear among employer’s that maids may bring the coronavirus into their home. 
Without any income, Munira struggled to purchase the basic necessities for her family, including food, medicine and rent. Aware of Munira’s struggle, the Shalom team provided her with the COVID-19 relief ration. She was given the one-month dry foot kit, travel expenses and some additional money.  
The Shalom team said, “We hope to continue providing food hampers to this family until Munira is able to get back on her feet. We would like to express gratitude to the funders without whom this ‘progress’ would not have been possible.”  

*Names changed to protect identities. Representative image used.
Praise God for the work of Shalom. Pray that God would bring holistic transformation and healing to those living in Asia and affected by HIV/AIDS. 

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