SIM mobilising relief aid for Turkey quake

Thursday, 9 February 2023 SIM mobilising relief aid for Turkey quake As the death toll from Monday’s (February 6) earthquakes in Turkey mounts, SIM’s workers in the region are helping mobilise aid to the affected region.

The tragic earthquake struck in the middle of the night and was followed by many tremors and a second quake several hours later. The epicentre lies close to Turkey’s border with Syria and communities in both countries have been devastated.

 Devastation in the town of Antakya, about 130 km south west of the epicentre of the first earthquake. 

While Turkey is the focus of much media reporting, the situation in northern Syria is equally horrific, especially as infrastructure and resources are already weak after more than a decade of conflict and sanctions. Most recent counts (8 February, 9am UTC) report the death toll sin the region at more than 9,000 and increasing, with many thousands more left injured or homeless in the middle of winter. Many buildings are unsafe or too badly damaged to be used.

To raise relief funds for those affected, friends of SIM at the International Turkey Network (ITN), an advocacy and partnering network for advancing the kingdom of God in Turkey, have set up a giving page, through Antioch Network (US), accessible via this link:

An ITN spokesperson confirmed that funds given through this Antioch Network portal will go directly to trusted partners, including Turkish humanitarian organisation First Hope Association ( and the Kurtulus church.

Map by SIM (not to scale).

We encourage you to pray for those affected by the tragedy and those working to find and help survivors, in both Turkey and Syria. Our colleagues and partners in the region are asking that we pray.

By Tim Allen
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  • The Lord will comfort all who mourn in both Turkey and Syria.
  • Faced with overwhelming needs, local authorities, NGOs and faith-based organisations will respond in ways that prioritise those most in need.
  • Help will quickly reach those needing shelter, food and other essential support.
  • Winter storms will clear so that aid provision is not hampered.
  • The complex political and security situation in northern Syria won’t hinder the provision of aid.
  • Christians in affected areas will stand strong in faith and hold out the hope of Christ.
  • This great shaking will prompt many to acknowledge God's great power and the great frailty of human beings, and respond to the gracious offer of security in Jesus.
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