Praying for the people of France after Nice attack

Wednesday, 20 July 2016 Praying for the people of France after Nice attack In response to the attack in Nice, France on 14 July, The National Council of Evangelicals of France (CNEF) had a national day of prayer in France and worldwide on Sunday, 17 July. Please pray for the families who are mourning, the many wounded, all those serving in law enforcement, and the authorities in France. The Council is calling on the many Christian communities in Nice and on the French Riviera to demonstrate in tangible ways the solidarity offered by evangelical Protestants.

Please pray with us for the people of France:

• Pray for the families of the 84 deceased, and pray for the 202 injured, the 25 on life support, and the 50 who are "between life and death," including children and foreign tourists. Pray for the families of the many children who died, including two who died during or after surgery.

• Pray for the Christian communities in Nice to be able to reach out to the suffering community in palpable ways.

• Pray for a campaign of prayer in churches throughout France, starting this Sunday, lifting up the mourning, the wounded, those serving in law enforcement and those in positions of authority in the country.

• France has suffered three major terrorist attacks in a little over 18 months. Pray that the country will turn to God as millions around the world pray for this nation. Less than 1% of the population follows Jesus Christ. Pray that many will turn back to God.

• Pray for the government of France to seek God's wisdom in the face of these surprise attacks that are difficult to foresee and prevent. Pray for the National Council of Evangelicals of France to be used of God to speak into the national situation.

• Pray that the country will not give in to panic or hatred. Ask the God of history to curb terrorism and bring all who live and die without Him, victims or perpetrators, to the saving faith and forgiveness in Jesus Christ.

• Pray that what Satan and the forces of darkness intended for evil, may be used of God for good in the lives of all those affected and that they will seek God rather than become embittered.
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