Young girls shouldn’t know what the inside of a brothel looks like…


Yet when Ruhi^ was ten years old, her stepmother introduced her to the dark world of sex work. She took Ruhi to an apartment, invited over a client and then left the building…

Ruhi had experienced beatings and neglect from a string of stepmothers over the years, but this incident exposed her to a different kind of evil. Five years later, a fifteen-year-old Ruhi was on the streets and and now fully plunged into the underbelly of Bangladesh’s sex industry.
This End of Financial Year (EOFY), your $70* gift to SIM’s Girls off the Streets Fund (09340) will help unlock the future for a vulnerable family in Bangladesh! Join SIM in breaking the cycle of misery and bringing hope.

The Children’s Uplift Programme (CUP) is a hub of hope for girls on the streets of Dhaka. CUP takes a holistic approach to working with children in high risk situations and recognises that to help them, they must also walk alongside their mothers. By providing support and vocational training to mothers, women are empowered to find alternative employment and create a more stable home environment for their children. Women like Ruhi who is a now a mother of two!

Ruhi has left behind sex work and is training with CUP to become a seamstress. She has left behind sex work and hope to transition to employment where she can put her vocational skills to work. Since arriving at CUP, staff have commented on Ruhi’s transformation; her newly found determination to succeed and leadership skills.

Your $70* gift will cover the costs to participate in the CUP programme, including accommodation, food and other essential items for a mother and her children for one month. This EOFY, you can help unlock a family’s future!

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^ Not real name, changed to protect identity. Representative image has been used with permission.