When Hope for Life Thailand’s (Radical Grace) staff first met sixteen-year-old Em^, he reminded them of a zombie. Void of emotion, the expression on his face was always unreadable and he did not utter more than a word or two at a time.

Em was carrying a weight no teenage boy should have to carry. He was burdened by his past; broken family relationships and domestic violence.

Em’s age and upbringing means that he is amongst those who are most vulnerable of contracting HIV. Research shows that those aged 15-24 years in Thailand have the highest sexual transmission rates of HIV but are least likely to access prevention and testing services.

This Christmas, your $65* tax-deductible gift towards Hope for Life will contribute towards Radical Grace's HIV prevention work. You can help empower young people like Em to make wise choices and walk a path of life.
The course of Em’s life would take a turn when he attended Radical Grace’s family camp and Looking for Love” HIV prevention course. As a young man entering adulthood and considering a potential relationship, this was timely for him. Radical Grace provided the safe space Em needed to ask questions, seek advice and to be equipped to make informed and wise decisions.

Two years on and Em is a different young adult to the “zombie” the team first encountered. He is a smiling and servant-hearted young man. Thanks to Radical Grace, Em has been able to put into practice what he has learnt about relationships, sexuality and identity. While he still faces challenges, Em is experiencing life to the full. 

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^ Not real name, changed to protect identity. Representative image has been used with permission.