Let me introduce you to a people group that doesn’t yet know Jesus. In Chad there is a least reached community living in a remote and impoverished region populated by half a million people. They work primarily as farmers and there are only four known local believers.

Hundreds of neighbouring villages are filled with people who speak the same language and who have no opportunity to hear the Gospel in their mother tongue or read a translated Bible.  

SIM Australia mission worker Kelly* recently arrived in Chad to join the Faithful Witness team ministering to this community. Learning the local language, she will use her nursing qualifications and skills to serve with her team by establishing community healthcare initiatives and building relationships with those yet to hear the Good News.   

Will you join with SIM to send more people to communities with virtually no Christian witness and no church? A $100 gift will enable more workers to join Faithful Witness teams around the world.   

Faithful Witness is a strategic initiative of SIM that sends teams to share about Jesus in communities with no access to the Gospel. Praise God that SIM’s Faithful Witness initiative already has 47 workers on board. As well as the Chad team, Faithful Witness has sent teams to 6 other least reached locations.   

However, sadly 42.5%^ of the world’s population live in a community that is unreached with the Gospel, meaning it is unlikely 3.37 billion people will ever hear the Good News during their lifetime. Looking ahead, SIM is prayerfully committed to the challenge of establishing and sending out ten new Faithful Witness teams every year until 2025.

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Faithful Witness enabled Kelly to join her team quicker to start her ministry. She shared, “I’d already been quite delayed in leaving due to COVID and had to raise all my support during lockdowns and restrictions, so having the extra support from Faithful Witness was a massive blessing.” 
Now Kelly’s team members have all arrived in Chad, they will work together to learn the language and culture while building connections in a community where there are many challenges and few mission workers. 
Your support for Faithful Witness will enable SIM to send more teams who can make known the gift of the Gospel to least reached communities! 

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*Name changed to protect identity, ^Joshua Project, 2022
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