Three-year-old Jadin* first walked into the Children’s Uplift Program (CUP) deeply impacted by the trauma he had experienced. Before Jadin and his mother arrived at CUP, they were abandoned by his father. Desperate to make money, his mother would beg on the street and sell her body to support her child.

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She had no one to call on for help. When Jadin was 18-months-old, his mother would tie him to a piece of furniture while she went out to get money.  No one would be there to comfort Jadin when he was by himself, scared and crying.

CUP is a project in Bangladesh that seeks to transform the lives of vulnerable children on the streets. It recognises that to change the life of a child, they must also walk alongside their mother.

Since joining the CUP day care, the team have seen a transformation in Jadin’s life. At first, he was aggressive with the other children, wouldn’t eat and wanted to play alone. Now, in the safety of the day care, positive changes are emerging in Jadin’s behaviour.  

Just like Jadin, many children in Bangladesh are in high-risk situations and have limited opportunities to change their circumstances. 

At CUP, Jadin showers daily, eats his main meals and attends classes until his mother has finished her training. More than that, he has been exposed to a loving community that has placed dignity on his family. The trauma Jadin experienced still impacts him, but the team believes he can heal from his past experiences as he continues to receive love, care and hope at CUP.  

The CUP team see many mothers and children walk through their doors with the belief that they don’t have any value. However, the CUP team is dedicated to showing them their worth.
CUP Director Hosneara said, “Seeing transformation is our ultimate goal. Unless their lives are transformed, they won’t be able to see dignity and value in themselves. Transformation drives them to dream more for themselves and for their children.”

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*Name changed to protect identity. Representative image used. © Nehal Patel
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