We live in a rapidly changing world where many are dying without hearing the Gospel. Convinced that everyone needs to hear the Good News, SIM mentors those who God is calling to serve in least reached communities. 

Wayne and Helen Mayhew left in 2018 to serve with SIM at Bingham Academy in Ethiopia. Serving as a teacher, Wayne had opportunities to share the Gospel and disciple others.   
While serving in an outreach group for local boys, Wayne recalled, “One guy was really struck by grace and how he wasn’t saved through what he did, but what Jesus did for him. It was really encouraging to see him grow in that understanding.” 
Now back in Australia, Wayne and Helen serve with the SIM Home Ministry Team and use their experiences to help prepare and equip others to serve in difficult places. Our Home Ministry Team encourages Australians to respond to God’s missional call and journey with them in understanding the global needs that exist today.  
Despite the challenges of the global pandemic and many countries closing their borders to receive Gospel workers, we praise God that as borders reopened, 31 mission workers have left to serve in least reached communities around the world in the past year. However, sadly 3.4 billion* people live in communities unreached with the Gospel. 

In light of this, will you prayerfully give to the Home Ministry Team this Easter?

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When Wayne and Helen were preparing to serve overseas, the Home Ministry Team journeyed with them as they discerned where to serve and how they could use their skills in global mission. Now, Wayne and the Home Ministry Team are mentoring the next generation of mission workers by speaking at churches, Bible colleges and leading SIMConnect. SIMConnect is a monthly group where the Home Ministry Team journey with those who are considering missions and engage with topics that are relevant to cross-cultural service. 

“I think it’s a great place to think through what God is doing in the world, opportunities that exist that you might not have heard of before and meet people who can help you along that journey and others who are on that same journey,” Wayne explained.  

Mark & Nyomie were burdened to share the Gospel in Thailand and found a community at SIMConnect that encouraged them in obeying this call. Reflecting on their experience of SIMConnect, Mark shared, “I have really appreciated the sense of encouragement and accountability and community that really comes from meeting together and praying together about what God’s doing around the world.” 

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Gifts to SIM's Home Ministry Fund are NOT tax-deductible and will receive a receipt. Should a project raise funds in excess of its target, we will apply it to similar projects where most needed.