Djoeandy, O

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Djoeandy, O

Australia - Missionary ID: 064020

Omar is ethnically Chinese, born in Indonesia and an Australian since the age of 10. His career includes Medical Doctor in Australia and Kenya; Associate Pastor at Nairobi Chapel, Kenya when it grew from 800 to 2000; and National Director of SIM Australia (2004-2019). Omar has preached in 15 countries. He has equipped churches, organisations and people in leadership, cross-cultural mission, discerning God’s new things and experiencing the God-factor.  
In December 2020, he self-published Redefining Success according to Jesus ( He loves helping others avoid harmful definitions of success and connect with the real Jesus. He believes we can refute worldly success and exchange the ‘never enough syndrome’ for contentment, courage, purpose, generosity and community; and more significantly, be a success in the eyes of Jesus.
He is married to Kay, a counsellor, and they have three young adult children.

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