Children's Uplift Program*

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Children's Uplift Program*

Building Freedom - Bangladesh - Project Code: 98336

CUP is a hub of hope for girls on the streets of Dhaka. CUP takes a holistic approach to working with children in high risk situations and recognises that to help them, they must also walk alongside their mothers. By providing support
and vocational training to mothers, women are empowered to find alternative employment and create a more stable home environment for their children.

Your $70* tax-deductible gift will cover accommodation, food and other essential items for a mother and her children for one month.
SIMaid  tax deductible project
*Gifts of $2 or more to SIMaid projects are tax-deductible and will receive a receipt. Should a project raise funds in excess of its target, we will apply it to similar projects where most needed.

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