The Goat Pass On Scheme*

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The Goat Pass On Scheme*

- Malawi - Project Code: 96157

This project is under the umbrella of Hope for Life Malawi 96157
(Master 96157, Home Based Care 96253 & Orphan Care 96253 combined into a single project known as Hope for Life Malawi)
1. Buy a goat for $50.
2. A child or volunteer from the ‘Hope for Life’ program will receive a female goat and relevant training to take care of it.
3. When the goat has its first kid, it is ‘passed’ back to the program. These goats form a ‘church herd’ so that when they produce future kids they can be passed on to other orphans or sold to buy items such as school uniforms and blankets for orphans in particular need.
4. After passing back the first kid, all further offspring can be kept by the beneficiary and used to provide an on-going income stream to help with food, clothes or school fees. There is also the potential to drink or sell goat’s milk or even use it in soap making.
5. Hope for Life Malawi’s ministry becomes increasingly self-sustaining as the local church is empowered to demonstrate God’s love through both word and practical action!
SIMaid  tax deductible project
*Gifts of $2 or more to SIMaid projects are tax-deductible and will receive a receipt. Should a project raise funds in excess of its target, we will apply it to similar projects where most needed.

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