Meet Boaz

Boaz* is an Across worker who is sharing the Gospel with those from different religions. Using his Bible College training and his cultural background, Boaz started a sports ministry to foster relationships with migrants. However, Boaz was juggling two jobs and caring for his family while trying to pioneer this ministry.

With the assistance of Alan and SIM’s support structures, Boaz has been able to spend more valuable time in sports ministry and also developing other ministries. SIM provided a context where he could be financially supported to disciple those in his ministry three days a week. SIM helped Boaz develop his support team and with his increased profile, he could share his heart with his church. With their support, he is providing valuable input and assisting his church in cross-cultural ministry. Boaz has been able to equip other believers in different churches to preach the Gospel cross-culturally through training seminars.

“Sports ministry enables us to connect people across cultures and languages, it is a bridge between non-believers and the local church. It is a great opportunity for believers to connect and build friendships with people from different religious backgrounds so they can get to know Christ,” Boaz said.
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