No one should live and die without hearing the good news of Jesus Christ. Yet, that is still a reality for many people today. SIM has a history of more than 128  years of gospel work, first in Africa and now in more than 70 countries around the world. We know it is difficult to start work in areas where there are no missionaries. This initiative will support new ministry efforts in those areas, allowing SIM to launch and establish healthy, multicultural teams of faithful witnesses. They will demonstrate the goodness of Jesus Christ in communities where people currently live and die without ever having one Christian friend. Over the next two years, we will launch and support six teams of 12 to 15 faithful witnesses in new communities. We need three critical areas of support: prayer, finance, and people.


The initial locations have been chosen for Faithful Witness. Currently, none of them have any significant Christian witness. They were chosen because we have good local support networks and are confident we can place teams in those communities. Other locations will follow once the first teams are established.


The team is focused on community development and business opportunities, building relationships of trust with the community.


We partner with like-minded organisations in eastern Chad to place workers among people who have no church in their mother tongue.


Christian workers have been attempting to share the gospel with this people group for over a century, yet no revival has maintained momentum.


The H people are open to receiving workers who will live among them and learn the language and culture, There are no more than four known believers among millions of H people. 


This majority community, rich in potential, has for too long been robbed of hope. Team members will use professional skills to serve the community.


There are an estimated 20 million desert tribe people in Nigeria. Today, there is an open door for ministry among this least-reached, nomadic community. A multicultural and multi-skilled team will work together to support this community and be witnesses to the faithfulness of God.


Through partnerships, workers will be placed on teams to serve alongside students and equip them to be disciple makers.


The city of Ayutthaya is 40 miles north of Bangkok. The team is focused on sports, community health education, and English language ministries in this city.


Would you like to become part of bringing the gospel to communities where He is least known? We are seeking those willing to come join us through prayer, resourcing and serving.