Empowering the Voiceless

When people are abused or oppressed, they lose their voice. Poverty, ignorance and disease make society’s most vulnerable such as children, women and people with disability feel powerless.

SIM Australia started our aid and development arm, SIMaid, to follow the call of Jesus Christ to demonstrate love and compassion to the least reached by ministering to their needs so they can feel empowered and rediscover their voice.

Building Freedom Fund (09340)

Formerly known as Girls off the Streets (GOTS) Fund. This project category is seeking to prevent and protect individuals from experiencing human trafficking and exploitation through vocational training, education and holistic care. To find out more about this SIMaid Fund, visit sim.org.au/buildingfreedom.

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Community Transformation Fund (09320)

This project category helps to provide clean water, food sustainability, health and hygiene education, vocational training and micro enterprise to the poor and marginalised in Africa and Asia, especially vulnerable women and people with disability. 

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Hope for Life Fund (09330)

Projects in this category help orphans, vulnerable children and adults impacted by HIV and AIDS  in Africa and Asia through prevention workshops, education programs, medical treatment and volunteer training in order to break the cycle of poverty and infection. 

Donate to HOPE for LIFE

SIMaid: Where Most Needed (68011)

This project supports our tax-deductible priority projects across all the above project categories. Contributions to this project will be used ‘where most needed’ to support shortfalls, urgent needs and emergency aid for disaster relief and development. 
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