While the world continues to tackle the impacts of the global pandemic, many countries are also facing another battle in their most vulnerable communities – hunger. SIM Australia has identified communities in Malawi and Zimbabwe that are in vital need of assistance due to food insecurity heightened by the pandemic.  

In these communities where SIM has been working for many years, the lockdown restrictions meant that farmers were unable to sell whatever little produce they might have. This left them without any income to buy agricultural supplies and grow new crops. These communities have suffered several years of dry spells, Cyclone Idai in March 2019 and now COVID-19.

SIMaid is raising vital funds to distribute emergency aid in vulnerable communities in Malawi and Zimbabwe through the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund.

Give a tax-deductible gift to the COVID-19 Emergency Fund

The Emergency Fund will assist with the distribution of emergency relief packages to vulnerable people who have food as their most basic need. In this region, December-February is known as the hunger months as this is the time of year between planting and harvesting when food supplies have depleted. This season will be even worse due to the food insecurity brought on by COVID-19. These vital emergency relief packages, which cost $50 each and contain food and hygiene essentials, will prevent the loss of life through hunger. 

Support the SIMaid COVID-19 Emergency Fund

Would you like to partner with us to show God’s compassion to vulnerable families at risk of hunger through a tax-deductible gift of $50? Join us as we strive to distribute emergency food packages in vulnerable communities in Malawi and Zimbabwe.
Give to the COVID-19 Emergency Fund
You can also donate by contacting the Partner Relations Team or calling 1300 746 580.