It's really encouraging to know that even if someone is not a preacher or teacher, or been to Bible College, or know where they fit into the story... there's always something to be done [for God's Mission]."
-Will*, SIM Australia Missionary in Middle East 

Want to make your life count? SIM Australia is passionate about making disciples in communities where Christ is least known. For 125 years, we have been sending men and women to share the Good News with those living an dying without it. Want to join us?

SIM is a general mission - which means we have people from a diverse range of backgrounds serving all around the world. We have over 4000 workers in over 70 countries! 

Will is 24 and heading to the Middle East to be a youth pastor. Click here to read more of Will's journey with mission and how God led him to the Middle East! 

We have a worker in Thailand using his love of soccer to train and equip local churches to use sports ministry to build relationships and make disciples in the region.

We have a worker in Zimbabwe who is teaching God’s word through demonstrating conservation farming techniques in a program called 'Farming God's Way'.

We have a worker in Peru serving in the vital role of Personnel Co-ordinator for the SIM Peru team. She is able to use her gifts in administration to help the team reach the unreached.

If you want to find out how you could use your unique gifts, skills and experience for missions, start a conversation today with a SIM rep by leaving an enquiry below.

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