“The most useful professions for global missions are the ones that are surrendered
to Jesus Christ. We believe when a person surrenders their profession,
whatever their profession, there is a place for them to be Christ's witness.”
-Omar Djoeandy (SIM Australia National Director)

Many people have an image in their mind of what professions are valuable for mission – Bible teachers, doctors, nurses and teachers!

The truth is, however, that a wide range of skillsets are needed if we are going to reach communities untouched by the Gospel of Jesus.

SIM Australia is passionate about seeing witness for Christ in communities where Christ is least known. As a general mission, we mobilise people from a diverse range of backgrounds to Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East. For example:

We have a worker in Thailand using his love of soccer to train and equip local churches to use sports ministry to build relationships and make disciples in the region.

We have a worker in Zimbabwe who is teaching God’s word through demonstrating conservation farming techniques in a program called 'Farming God's Way'.

We have a worker in Peru serving in the vital role of Personnel Co-ordinator for the SIM Peru team. She is able to use her gifts in administration to help the team reach the unreached.

We have a worker who is savvy in business who is planning a skills training program for men going through drug rehabilitation in South Africa.

If you want to find out how you could use your unique gifts, skills and experience for missions, start a conversation today with a SIM rep by leaving an enquiry below.

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