Prayer of Thanksgiving for 2015.
Give thanks to God for all that He has done in and through SIM in 2015! Thank God for all those living in unreached countries who have heard the Gospel explained to them for the first time and for those who have been confronted by its magnificent truth...PRAY!



HIV and AIDS Ministry Exposure - Malawi
Come and learn about HIV and AIDS in Africa as you invest in local volunteers and program coordinators working in the Malawi HOPE for AIDS program in the areas of Home Based Care, Orphan Care, Prevention Programs and Equipping the church... GO!




Project of the Month: Orphan Care
There are over 1.2 million orphans in Malawi, mostly orphaned by AIDS. Without adequate care and support, many of these children become marginalised and exposed to child labour and abuse. This project support families caring for orphans through advocacy, nutrition, respite for carers and educational needs to ensure that these children are given hope and a future.  GIVE.