A ship lay anchored off the coast of Lagos, Nigeria, with three men on board. The oldest was only 25 years old. The day was December 4, 1893. This is the day we now know as Founders' Day. Join us in praying for displaced people worldwide (from December 4 to December 11). Download SIM Founders’ Day: 7 Days of Prayer. 



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3 Special Events! In South Australia, 28 November (Family BBQ at Belair National Park); Sydney & Melbourne, 4 December 2015...GO!




Project of the Month: 
Operation Neighbour Care project (Zimbabwe) provides for those affected by HIV and AIDS in rural Gokwe, providing on-going care by trained local volunteers as well as reducing the rate of infection through education, testing and encouraging safe practices. This project is part of SIM’s HOPE for AIDS Fund.  GIVE.