• A clean change

    8 October, 2015

    It’s taken 2 years to change a mind-set on ‘which soap to buy’. But at last, with a lot of…

  • Living by hope

    8 October, 2015

    At its core, HOPE for AIDS Thailand is focused on relationships because they see HIV as a symptom of broken…

  • Translating dreams into reality

    8 October, 2015

    Thousands of men and women in Dhaka dream of a better life. Many have flocked to the city in search of work, making…

  • The Prayer Collector

    21 September, 2015

    John, research consultant for JVI, an anti-human trafficking organisation, shares his heart and his thoughts on human…

  • New life

    21 September, 2015

    A pale and tired Djali arrived at Galmi Hospital, Niger from northern Nigeria, fearful for the unborn life within her.…

  • Our last trip

    21 September, 2015

    Our last trip came at the end of three weeks of 'back to back' travels around the country. All to remote…

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