• Creative Arts in Mission

    29 July, 2015

    It’s like a scene from a movie… indigenous people sitting upright in pews in a building with a large…

  • Preparing the soil

    29 July, 2015

    Missionaries often describe the mission field as a plentiful harvest (e.g. Matthew 3:37-38). When I reflect on this and…

  • Reaching students to reach others

    29 July, 2015

    Priscilla and Luke Lundstedt have been serving in Santa Cruz, Bolivia for the past five years, reaching out to…

  • Reaching women in Bangladesh

    29 July, 2015

    “My family and I love your family and we are worried that you are going to go to hell because you aren’t…

  • A caring community

    14 July, 2015

    The pastor stopped his explanation of the interaction between Jesus and the Samaritan woman. The disruption from the…

  • New birth

    14 July, 2015

    Australian GP Obstetrician Anne-Sophie has been working at Galmi Hospital, Niger for the past 16 months. One night,…

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