• New life

    21 September, 2015

    A pale and tired Djali arrived at Galmi Hospital, Niger from northern Nigeria, fearful for the unborn life within her.…

  • Our last trip

    21 September, 2015

    Our last trip came at the end of three weeks of 'back to back' travels around the country. All to remote…

  • The Prayer Collector

    21 September, 2015

    John, research consultant for JVI, an anti-human trafficking organisation, shares his heart and his thoughts on human…

  • The hard work of hope

    9 September, 2015

    Ka^ sits in the corner, knitting needles clacking furiously. Though the other girls in SIM’s Redlight Greenlight…

  • Radical love, radical grace: A photo essay

    9 September, 2015

    Over the past 10 years Thailand has been active in the prevention of HIV transmission. However, with changes in culture…

  • Investment in research saves lives

    9 September, 2015

    A specialist doctor is making a difference for communities affected by arsenic in Bangladesh. Dr Faruquee, an…

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