• Priya finds her voice

    23 June, 2015

    When people are abused or oppressed, they lose their voice. Poverty, Ignorance and Disease make society’s most…

  • We care about children!

    23 June, 2015

    Sadly, children are among the most vulnerable to the impact of poverty, conflict and natural disasters. Children are…

  • Unreached but not unreachable

    23 June, 2015

    There wasn't an exact time when Jim Elliot, missionary reaching the Huaorani people, first became conscious of the…

  • Education leads to opportunities

    23 June, 2015

    “HIV/AIDS is the most devastating disaster to hit Africa, but it presents a great opportunity for the…

  • Nepal Earthquake Update

    12 May, 2015

    Just as many were beginning to believe the aftershocks from April’s devastating quake were subsiding, another…

  • Swooning over swiss chard

    7 May, 2015

    Who knew that a bunch of swiss chard would bring so much joy? Tafere Fentahun, project manager of SIM’s 5Fs, or…

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