• Arsenic free water for improved life

    10 March, 2015

    Like many fathers, Mr Mohammed Jewel has high aspirations for his two daughters. With a successful career ahead of him,…

  • Saloni: A story of transformation

    10 March, 2015

    She was only 16 years old when police took her to Redlight-Greenlight (98652) aftercare home, a joint initiative of SIM…

  • Gifts that last

    10 March, 2015

    Each year do you give chocolate eggs and bunnies to your families and friends? After they've been eaten and…

  • Powering up: Giving Indian women a choice

    11 February, 2015

    It’s Women’s Day, and one by one, women’s groups take the stage to present their song or skit. A…

  • The dawn of new life

    11 February, 2015

    When Samira^ was very young, her father abandoned the family. Desperate to find a way to provide for her five children,…

  • Pray for Niger

    29 January, 2015

    Please pray for the country of Niger this week. Last week you may have read about recent demonstrations and protests…

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