• Awakening the sleeping giant

    28 October, 2014

    God is using the Kairos course to mobilise believers in Latin America to take the Gospel to all nations. Kairos, a…

  • Ripples of grace through India

    28 October, 2014

    Through the training he received in Pastoral Care Training for Indian Church Leaders project (98660), Prakashᶺ…

  • The Book now in Boko!

    28 October, 2014

    Remember when you first started to read? All of a sudden the words become more than a few marks on a page. The marks…

  • 18 October is Anti-Slavery Day

    15 October, 2014

    SIM Australia is mobilising compassionate Australians to stand against child trafficking and violence against girls…

  • India: Healing from the inside out

    15 October, 2014

    “I cannot live here anymore with my husband. He is beating me for no reason. I want to come away with my…

  • Seedling distribution time

    15 October, 2014

    August is seedling distribution time. After months of back-breaking planting by hand and tender loving care, the…

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