• Cataloguing the last 32 years

    27 August, 2015

    Jackie Bolger has now shelved the last book after 32 years of active service with SIM. After many years of working with…

  • Happy Feet

    27 August, 2015

    When a short term team took tap shoes to SIM’s Beauty for Ashes aftercare home in South Asia, the girls at the…

  • Hope for Ramani

    12 August, 2015

    Ramani^, just 15 years old, was happy when her boyfriend proposed marriage to her and took her to the big city of Dhaka…

  • Meet Caroline

    12 August, 2015

    Caroline was born with a congenital disorder of albinism. Soon after she was born her father abandoned the family. In…

  • Story of Grace

    12 August, 2015

    Home-based Care Coordinator Grace and her team show the love of Jesus by caring for people living with HIV and AIDS in…

  • Reaching students to reach others

    29 July, 2015

    Priscilla and Luke Lundstedt have been serving in Santa Cruz, Bolivia for the past five years, reaching out to…

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