• Angels proclaim Good News in Ethiopia

    9 December, 2014

    The majority of Awi people in Ethiopia do not know the Christmas story. Often we use an orthodox painting with project…

  • Bolivian Dancers take steps towards Jesus

    9 December, 2014

    The main sporting event in Potosí, Bolivia is not football, baseball or soccer -- it’s street dancing.…

  • Father of Blessings

    9 December, 2014

    “If you receive him you will be blessed, and if you don’t, you will lose your happiness,” says Nikhil…

  • Our first Christmas Eve party

    9 December, 2014

    It was the weekend before 25 December. We were getting ready to celebrate our first Christmas in Malawi. But God had…

  • Cards that make a difference

    25 November, 2014

    Eleven-year-old Carina draws Moshi Monsters for fun. Like many children her age, she sometimes spends her free time…

  • Teaching children overseas

    25 November, 2014

    “Miss, do you think we are in danger?” This question came from a year 11 student some months ago.…

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