A West African Christmas

Wednesday, 12 December 2018 A West African Christmas
D. & T. are SIM Australia missionaries serving at Galmi Hospital, West Africa. Below they share about their experience of Christmas from last year.
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Several people have asked us what our Christmas looks like in Galmi. The kids celebrated Christmas before breaking for holidays by dressing up and acting out the story of Jesus’ birth. This was done in the home of one of the local pastors, amongst real sheep, goats, cows, ducks and chickens! The kids also presented a PowerPoint, sang songs and did some acting at church on a Sunday evening.

We took advantage of the Saturday before Christmas to visit the homes of our house helper, language helpers and gardener with Christmas greetings and gifts. It was the first time we’d been to our gardener’s house, and he was quite excited and proud to show us around and introduce us to his family. He even surprised us by letting us hold 3-day-old chickens that were living in his bedroom to keep warm!

On Christmas day T. worked in the pharmacy, while D. wrangled the boys through the first hour and three-quarters of a local church service and played guitar for a couple of songs that the missionaries sang for the congregation. In the afternoon, D. drove one of three vehicles filled with youth from the local church to a nearby village, where they door-knocked, gave gifts, played soccer and shared that Jesus coming into the world was the reason for their visit.

Christmas evening in the compound was a relaxing time of getting together around a BBQ and eating together. It is not very often during our busy schedules we have the opportunity as a community to do this and so we were thankful for this special time.
Please pray for our missionaries who are celebrating Christmas in the field. Pray that they would find joy in reflecting on God coming near to us in Christ. Pray also for comfort for those separated from loved ones or homesick.
Ian Holliday
D & T: It's great to hear about your Christmas. It certainly is a wonderful time of the year. Although you'd still be busy with sharing this joy, may you also experience it fully.
Thinking of you all and all who are away from family and friends.
21/12/2018 12:46:45 PM