SIM's vision is to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in communities where He is least known. Today SIM facilitates 4,000 workers serving in over 70 countries.

As SIM celebrates 125 years of Serving in Mission, we are seeking to raise $125,000 for Home Ministry operations! Would you prayerfully consider partering with SIM's Home Ministry Team in its strategic and vital ministry of mobilising more people for God's global mission?

Support structures and roles are important in making ministry happen. In Acts 6, the apostles were prompted to delegate support activities and responsibilities to others. Creating this support ministry helped God's word to spread and the number of disciples increased rapidly (v7).

Just like the early church, support roles and structures are vital in seeing the Good News go out! Organisations such as SIM help to provide the structures and support needed for the church to "get on with the job" of global mission. 

We are thankful for those who partner with SIM Australia. Together, we support over 120 Australians serving as Christ's witnesses and more than 20 projects sharing the love of Christ through SIMaid. Jacqui who served with us in Thailand on 'Hope for Life' ministries and projects says:

"SIM has been a great support in my journey as a missionary. There are a lot of systems and processes in place but I have learnt just how important they are in supporting us on the field."

You can hear more from Jacqui by watching the Home Ministry video at the bottom of this page!

SIM's systems, processes and home staff are critical not just to care for and support our workers and projects, but also to ensure that we are meeting our requirements as a registered charity and continue to grow sustainably.


With your support through prayer and funds, our Home Ministry Team can continue to engage people in God's global mission! 


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SIM Australia Home Ministry from SIM Australia on Vimeo.

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