Showing Jesus’ love to refugees in Australia

Thursday, 28 March 2024 Showing Jesus’ love to refugees in Australia

Across is a ministry of SIM committed to sharing the Gospel among least reached communities locally in Australia.  

One of Across’ dedicated mission workers is Angela. As the co-founder and coordinator of Freedom To Flourish, Angela focuses on sharing Jesus’ love with refugees and asylum seekers in Sydney, addressing the mental health needs of those who have experienced trauma. 

Angela has been involved with SIM for the last 12 years and is passionate about mobilising people to serve Jesus among least reached communities. Eager to serve, she was praying for an opportunity to use her counselling skills in local cross-cultural ministry.   

Angela explained, “Many people that never heard the Good News of Jesus are walking around the streets of Sydney every day and they're very open to hear about Him.” 

“I knew some people who were already working with refugees. As I talked to them, I discovered they were praying for a counsellor to support the mental health needs of refugees and provide a place for a healing journey from trauma. For years, I had been praying that God would use my therapeutic skills as a counsellor to reach the unreached.” 

Filled with joy, Angela joined forces with them and they founded Freedom to Flourish, a mental health ministry to provide healing to refugees through Jesus. They began using their expertise to serve this community by offering free counselling sessions and expressive therapeutic activities, including gardening, art and craft groups, to refugees and asylum seekers. Most importantly, they provide an opportunity for these individuals to learn about Jesus. 

Kay’s story  

Kay* has been coming to the Freedom to Flourish Restoring Garden community program for over four years. When she first arrived, she was struggling with severe depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. She relied heavily on medication and was frequently in and out of the mental health facility at the hospital. Unfortunately, her mental health challenges led to her losing custody of her children. 

However, the team worked tirelessly with her, showering her with God’s love and acceptance. Over the past four years, she faithfully visited the Restoring Garden mental health program, experiencing the love of Jesus. She regained custody of her children. Since then, she has not been hospitalised for the last two and a half years. She has also significantly reduced her medication and no longer suffers from traumatic flashbacks that used to lead her to psychotic episodes. 

Kay’s transformation is remarkable. She now exudes confidence, learning to love herself and explore new opportunities. Most importantly, she has discovered that Jesus loves her. Coming from an unreached people group, she found solace in the Restoring Garden, where she learned that Jesus desires to draw near to her—she only needed to call on His name. 

“Witnessing her growth has been beautiful,” explained Angela. “She seeks prayer and even prays in Jesus’ name herself. She actively participates in Christian events, passionately advocating for how this program has transformed her life.” 

“Our work exists for people like her, and it is all for the glory of God.” 

PRAY: Pray for wisdom for the Freedom to Flourish team as they share God’s love to the those attending the ministry. Pray that those who attend would come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.  

GO: Do you have the desire to use your skills and disciple-making experience to share Jesus’ love with refugees in Sydney or in other Across ministries in Australia? Get in touch by filling in the form on the back page or visiting

*Name changed to protect identity  

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