From Mechanic to Mobiliser

Sunday, 1 April 2018 From Mechanic to Mobiliser
Photo: Neil serving in misison in Africa in the early 90s. 

“Come, follow me, and I will show you how to fish for people!” (Matt 4:19 NLT)
This was Jesus’ invitation to two simple fishermen who were casting their nets into a lake. The reckless obedience of these Galilean brothers sawthem leave their nets behind – and with them their livelihood, security and identity.
In 1893, SIM’s founders also left their comforts behind to reach the least-reached in Africa. Fast forward to 2002 and after years of preparation, a couple from Victoria with their three young children landed in Benin, West Africa. This was the Sim family – the name a wonderful coincidence!
Neil Sim was able to use his experience as a mechanic on the mission field by discipling and training young men in his trade. But part of leaving behind his nets meant holding onto his occupation with a loose fist. When SIM Benin needed a Project Co-ordinator, Neil left his comfort zone to fill the role.
From there, God called the Sim family back to Australia in 2011. Neil then joined the SIM Home Ministry Team. This team facilitates Aussies to leave their nets and become Christ’s witnesses in communities where He is least known.
A key part of Neil’s ministry as a Mission Mobiliser has been to walk alongside enquirers and applicants who are testing a call to mission.
“Neil has helped me navigate my journey of mission. He has been able to answer my questions, ease my worries and celebrate victories with me. I thank God for mobilisers like Neil!”
- Ruth Davies, SIM applicant preparing to serve in Thailand
From mechanic to mobiliser, Neil has responded to Christ’s call. And yet his story is located within a much bigger narrative. For 125 years, SIM has been crossing barriers and making disciples. This is our DNA.
Today, we are faced with the sobering reality that more than two billion people in our world have never heard of Jesus. It is the urgency of global mission and love of Christ that compels our Home Ministry workers to mobilise a new generation of workers for the Harvest.
How will you respond to Jesus’ invitation to leave your nets and follow Him? What does His love compel you to do?
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