Refreshing Partnerships in QLD

Tuesday, 29 May 2018 Refreshing Partnerships in QLD
It’s been a busy season in the Sunshine State for Jay Knight, SIM’s Queensland (QLD) Mission Mobiliser!
Jay started his role roughly a year ago in May 2017. Previous to this, Jay and his wife Robyn with their three children served with SIM in the Philippines for six and a half years. SIM hasn’t had a Mission Mobiliser in QLD for the past seven years, so it was no small thing for Jay to take on the position.

Partnerships needed to be refreshed and SIM’s ministry needed to be revitalised in the region. Jay describes the past year as “slow-going” – as it takes time to nurture and build up relationships. However, the last couple of months have seen some very encouraging events take place!
Jay was able to get the message of SIM in front of a completely new audience when he hosted a 125th anniversary event at a local church. The vast majority of the sixty people who attended were from this particular church and roughly 85% of them had no previous connection to SIM. Three different SIM missionaries were able to share stories and Jay challenged the audience to consider what the love of Christ compels them to do. The event was a great opportunity for those attending to consider how to partner in God’s mission and to learn more about SIM.
Jay was also able to do a brief interview representing SIM at Queensland’s Easter Convention conference in Mount Tamborine. The audience responded extremely well to the “Foundation for Farming” project in Mozambique that Jay put in front of them. Foundations for Farming points subsistence farmers from the Muslim Yao people group towards sustainable farming techniques that produce larger yields. Jay was amazed by the generosity of the audience when 150% of his financial target for the project was raised!
“My prayer is that He will use my experiences serving overseas to inspire others to cross barriers to those least reached with the Gospel”, Jay said.
Please pray:
• Give thanks for Jay, his wife Robyn and three children. Give thanks that Jay is able to mobilise more people, prayer and funds for God’s Mission in Queensland.
• Pray for Jay’s dual citizenship application (Jay is originally from the USA but his wife is from Australia). Pray that his application will be processed and that God will grant favour with the minister responsible for Jay’s application.
• Pray that relationships with churches, Bible Colleges etc. would be refreshed and healthy partnerships would be formed.
• Pray for Jay as he organises two more events in Brisbane at churches to celebrate SIM’s 125th anniversary.
• Pray that God would raise up more workers from Queensland for his global harvest field!
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