Empowering the Malawian church to show Christ’s love

Thursday, 9 May 2019 Empowering the Malawian church to show Christ’s love The southern African country of Malawi has one of the highest rates of HIV prevalence in the world, with over 1 million adults and children living with HIV. SIM’s Hope for Life Malawi has partnered with the Africa Evangelical Church (AEC) to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support through their Home Based Care and Orphan Care programs to people living with (or affected by) HIV and AIDS. 

Your church has the opportunity to partner with the AEC by organising a Goat Pass On Scheme Fundraiser. The Goat Pass On Scheme is a strategy that will allow the church to take on the Orphan Care and Home Based Care programs in a self-sustaining way. Every $50 raised will fund one goat that will be given to an orphaned child or volunteer. After the goat’s first kid is handed back to the church, the beneficiary can choose what they want to do with the rest of the goat’s offspring. They can choose to sell them to get the money needed for such things as school expenses or medications or keep them for eating or breeding. The goats that are ‘passed’ on to the church will be used to fund the two Hope for Life Malawi projects and be given to future beneficiaries. Here’s a real life example of how your partnership will make a difference.

HIV and AIDS orphans are some of the most vulnerable people in Malawi. Rute* was first introduced to the Orphan Care Team as a young child. Rute was orphaned as a baby after her mother died before her 1st birthday. Fortunately, Rute’s grandmother took her in and cared for her.  

Through the Orphan Care program, Rute has received uniforms and stationery supplies to assist with her primary education. The Orphan Care program also provided necessary support to Rute’s grandmother to meet their basic needs and continue Rute’s education.  
Now, as she prepares to enter secondary school, Rute and her grandmother will be one of the first beneficiaries from the Goat Pass On Scheme. Once they have passed back the first goat to the church, they can use the subsequent goats to generate income. This income will allow Rute’s grandmother to pay for her secondary school fees.  
In Malawi, 42% of girls are married before they turn 18. Although the legal age for marriage in Malawi is 18, almost 1 in 10 girls are married before their 15th birthday. Research shows that keeping girls in school delays early marriages. The Orphan Care team advocates with families for all children, and especially the girls, to stay in school and continue their education. As well as receiving practical assistance from the Orphan Care team, Rute is also surrounded by a supportive team of volunteers who encourage her to persevere in her education.  
PRAY: Please give thanks for SIM Malawi and the Goat Pass On Scheme. Pray that the goats will stay healthy and produce many offspring. Pray for stamina as the team trains up beneficiaries and distributes the goats. Please also pray for wisdom for the AEC as they begin to steward the HFL projects. 
GIVE: Your tax-deductible gift towards the Goat Pass On Scheme will make a big difference in the lives of those affected by HIV! Why not purchase a $50 goat and help the church in Malawi continue to care for those living with HIV and AIDS? To find out more about getting your church involved, get in touch at sim.org.au/GoatPassOnScheme.  

*Name changed to protect identity  

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