How do you want to serve God with your life?

Wednesday, 11 May 2022 How do you want to serve God with your life? Warwick and Natalie talked about serving God overseas when they were just friends at university. At the end of Warwick’s second year of university, the couple got married and looked forward to seeing where God would take them. Warwick shared, “During our next two years at university, we hosted mission breakfast events at our house. This kept the fire burning for us as we looked forward to one day serving God overseas. We were inspired to hear of many people who had gone to take the Gospel and had seen God do wonderful things through them.”   

During one of the Bible studies, an older mission worker asked the group, “What would you most like to do with your life?” At the time, Warwick thought about how wonderful it would be to take the Gospel to an unreached people group. This thought guided Warwick and Natalie’s decision-making, leading them to serve somewhere that was unreached and somewhere Warwick could use his studies in agriculture as a bridge to build relationships.  

In 2008, Warwick and Natalie went to West Africa to serve among a desert tribe who are one of the largest ethnic groups in the region. This people group are over 99% unreached and are cattle herders, shepherds and farmers who live in the bush on the fringes of societies.  

In 2015, the family moved to the bush to live in community with a settled tribe of this people group. During this time, they led a team of new workers with the goal of making Christ known to the village. It was a thrill for them to be part of seeing a church in this previously unreached community.  

Reflecting on their time with this community, Warwick said, “It was such a joy to see some of these people come into the family of God during the time that we were living among them.” 

Warwick recalled the day when they heard the chief say that he wanted to follow Jesus. The chief had pleaded with God to show him which was the true way – following the majority religion or following Jesus? The chief later shared that God responded to his pleading by sending an angel, who told him following Jesus was the true way. “That first meal that we shared with him as a brother was so special, but only the beginning of a very special relationship that developed over the next two years,” said Warwick.  

Although Warwick and Natalie encountered challenges during their time on the field, they found that God kept giving them the strength to endure. Warwick shared, “In these times, we would think of Paul and all that he went through so that he might fulfil that which God had called him to. Paul said follow my example as I follow the example of Christ.” 

Now in a new season of service, Warwick and Natalie will be serving on SIM’s Home Ministry Team in Australia. They will mentor and journey with others who are considering the part they can play in God’s global mission. “We look forward to encouraging people to look beyond their known horizon to consider Jesus' call on their lives to go to the ends of the earth, and also to encourage people to be serious about living for Jesus here in our own country,” said Warwick.  
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