Harvest for Christ

Monday, 27 November 2017 Harvest for Christ

Three bags of maize.

That’s what single mother and subsistent farmer Miséria (meaning misery) used to produce each year before completing SIM’s Foundations for Farming (Foundations). However, after completing the course and implementing the simple conservation farming method, Miséria was delighted last harvest when she yielded 29 bags of maize!

Foundations is an initiative which aims to bring holistic transformation to the Yao people of northern Mozambique through faithful and productive use of the land for agricultural purposes.​ The target group are some of the poorest people in the world with around 90% of the population subsistence farmers. According to UNICEF, around 40% of children have under nutrition, highlighting the fact that many farmers are not producing crops to feed their family. 

“Our aim is to help people make a profit and be able to provide for their families with nutritious food. More importantly however, we hope for the transformation of their spiritual lives and they see that Jesus is the foundation we build our lives on and He reveals His ways in all aspects of our life”, said Project Co-ordinator, Andrew Smith.

Andrew is a SIM Australia missionary who this year celebrated with his family the milestone of ten years in Mozambique. The Foundations project however is a relatively new venture which was started at the end of 2016.

In the first six months of the project, the two-day conservation farming course was delivered to roughly 150 people in seven different groups. Participants were also given discounted seed and fertiliser and received visits from those teaching the course.  

The impact of Foundations however has not just been an increased crop yield for participants. Miséria was a new believer from a Muslim background when she started the course.

“There is a movement happening at the moment towards Christ amongst the target group and it is really good that we can come in and help the developing church (believer groups) in the area of agriculture because most of these new believers are farmers. We share the Gospel clearly and teach that Christianity is to be lived and not just something for Sundays.”

Miséria has not been able to contain the joy she has found in Christ. Upon seeing the difference their mother’s life, Miséria’s two daughters made the decision they also wanted to do the Foundations course and commit their lives to Christ. They have since been baptised and are attending a local church.

Miséria’s transformation through Foundations has been remarkable. From a woman who struggled to provide for herself and her family, to turning a profit and donating food to the poorest in her community. Her transformation was symbolised when she decided to change her name from Miséria to Alegria (meaning joy). Praise God for how He is using Foundations to bring true Joy to farmers like Miséria.

Please continue to pray for Alegria and her two daughters as they walk a path of discipleship and grow in maturity in Christ.

Help bring transformation to people and communities through partnering with Foundations for Farming! Your support will help to transform the lives of more people like Alegria.
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Sonya Doecke
Andrew's farming background makes him the ideal teacher for this project. Well done Andrew & Tanya! May your homelife also be a shining example to the people over there in Moz that amazing things can be achieved when you have the Lord central to your lives. Praying that Tanya's pregnancy goes to plan and she has a safe delivery when the time comes. Praying also that no more malaria outbreaks occur in your family. Enjoy the Christmas holidays before homeschooling starts up again. You're all still in our prayers. We also pray that the seeds you sow into this community will take root and yield a massive harvest of not only food and knowledge to enable the locals to get out of poverty, but also bring in a massive harvest of souls for Christ. May the Lord continue to bless all your work done in His name.
3/12/2017 11:58:37 PM