Petros story - The Greatest Gift revealed in Australia!

Thursday, 9 November 2023 Petros story - The Greatest Gift revealed in Australia! As Australia becomes more culturally diverse, SIM Australia continues to work alongside local churches to raise up Gospel workers for mission in our own backyard through Across Ministries. 

There are many people who arrive in Australia with different ethnic and religious backgrounds who are yet to hear the Gospel. They are often fleeing poverty, corruption and are unable to access God’s Word or experience His love and compassion for them. For those who have accepted Christ, there is terrible persecution for the Church overseas, where people continue to suffer for the sake of the Gospel. 
After fleeing the Middle East, Petros* encountered God through the witness of other Christians and his life was transformed. Petros is convinced of sharing the greatest gift, Jesus Christ, with all people. 

Now as a SIM Australia mission worker, Petros is able to use his native language and cultural understanding to communicate and build relationships with other migrants and refugees dispersed across Australia. “It is time that we can sit next to each other, stand next to each other and build up the walls of Christ’s Church”, Petros says.  

As we work together to build up Christ’s Church, will you join SIM in sharing the greatest gift this Christmas? Your gift of $100 to Across will enable our mission workers serving with Across to engage least reached communities with the Good News in Australia.  


Praise God that He has emboldened Petros to proclaim Jesus in front of hundreds of people with an energy and courage that comes from the Holy Spirit. From two migrant families, Petros has seen a ministry grow to over 100 committed believers. Petros shares that as he teaches the diaspora in Australia, God leads them to opportunities to make disciples in their own communities.  

“I am here as a witness… I am saying it because the Holy Spirit brought me here, look and watch and see what I can do. You can see the glory of God.” Across ministries has enabled mission workers like Petros to use their experience and skills to work alongside ethnic communities in Australia to give the greatest gift to the least reached, the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

Thank you for faithfully supporting us in the lead up to Christmas, as we consider those who have yet to receive the Gospel here in Australia. 

*Name changed to protect identity 


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