Discipleship Through University Outreach

Wednesday, 27 October 2021 Discipleship Through University Outreach Completing higher education is an aspiration for more people now in the world than ever before. While people of all ages can enrol in higher education, high school graduates continue to be drawn to universities as the next step in their career progression. Ministering to university students not only connects with the next generation, but it also disciples believers in a community where they spend a lot of their time and in an environment where they can easily share the Good News with their friends who are not believers. In Peru, one ministry is sharing the Gospel with university students and seeing believers discipled. 

David and Christine have been serving in Peru with their three children since 2011. David and Christine are working with university students, discipling and encouraging them as they follow Jesus. They connect with students through Bible study groups and English classes.  

David shared, “University students are the best people to reach other students so, we disciple students and train them how to run small group Bible studies and evangelism. Our aim is that each student participates in a small group Bible study and a combined training event each week.” 

Before COVID-19, the ministry had small groups led by other students that met on the university lawn. David would meet with the student to pray with them and help them prepare the Bible study. After a while, students are able to prepare the study by themselves and sometimes train others.   

“University can be a difficult place for students, especially students who have moved from a different town to study,” explained David. “Community is important for students, giving them a place to belong and always having someone to talk with. Being a follower of Jesus is more than believing, it's belonging - it's being part of the body of Christ. Our hope is that students become part of our student group and then be connected with a local Bible-teaching church.” 

Rosa is one student whose life was recently transformed after attending the university Bible study. David shared, “Working with university students, I meet a lot of students who show very little interest in studying the Bible on campus. But it’s so encouraging when one person gives their life to Jesus.” 

Rosa’s story 
Rosa had come to a free barbeque on campus that the university ministry ran two years ago. Rosa then joined a Bible study group and became a regular member. Rosa shared how the Bible studies often confronted her beliefs and challenged her. David explained, “She had previously gone to a church that told her that she was a ‘champion’ but never touched on the topic of sin and how she needed to ask for forgiveness from God. Through studying the book of Romans, she learnt how desperately she needed God’s forgiveness and how willing God was to forgive her and give her new life. Rosa shared with tears the joy she now has in Jesus.” 

David shared, “Praise God for his free gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Thank God also for Yoselyn, a committed Christian student leader, who encouraged Rosa in her faith.” 
GO: Do you have the heart to build relationship with university students in a different cultural context? Talk to a Mission Mobiliser today by visiting sim.org.au/startaconversation.  

PRAY: Pray for the university ministry in Peru that the students will mature in their faith and share the Gospel with their peers.

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