Showing Christ’s love during a global pandemic

Wednesday, 9 September 2020 Showing Christ’s love during a global pandemic While many of SIM’s projects have been impacted by the global pandemic, SIM health ministries around the world continue to face significant challenges with an increase in patients due to the coronavirus. Equipment and supply shortages make responding even more difficult, especially in countries where resources are few and health systems are fragile.  

To show Christ’s love during this unprecedented season, the SIMaid COVID-19 Emergency Fund was created. The fund has been supporting four SIM health ministries in vulnerable communities in South Asia and Africa.  

The Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) in South Asia is one of the four health ministries supported by the fund. EHA serves communities in multiple locations regardless of social status and religion, with a focus on the poor and marginalized in society. EHA consists of 19 hospitals and 42 health projects, providing essential clinical services and, community health and development. The hospitals are located in states which have high rates of illiteracy, high infant and maternal mortality and, malnutrition.  

The need in the poverty-stricken communities increased after many people lost their jobs in the wake of the sudden COVID-19 lockdown in the region. Funds from the SIMaid COVID-19 Emergency Fund are enabling EHA to develop Emergency Response Plans for the various health ministries and hospitals. Funds are also enabling the provision of emergency relief to desperate families. The emergency relief packages including food, health and hygiene supplies, have been distributed in marginalized communities.  


Below, you can read about how EHA was able to provide vital help to one family during lockdown.  

Ashish and Amena’s story  

40-year-old Ashish* and wife Amena* live in a village with their two sons and a daughter. Ashish is disabled due to leprosy and, all the family members are deaf and mute. As Ashish is unable to work because of his disability, his wife, Amena, took on the role of breadwinner for the family. Her work as a daily wage labourer was suddenly disrupted by the lockdown restrictions due to COVID-19.  

The current pandemic pushed the family into a state of fear and panic as they didn’t know how they would be fed without Amena’s income. The family went for many days without a proper meal. They had received an emergency ration of rice from the government but, it was not sufficient to meet the family’s needs.  

Thankfully, EHA, through their Community Health project, came to the aid of this family. They provided food rations for 10 days to tide over their crisis. Tears of joy rolled down from the eyes of Ashish and Amena as they received the ration.  

There are many families just like Ashish and Amena in desperate need of medical care and emergency relief due to COVID-19. We thank God that through our generous supporters the work of SIMaid health ministries, like EHA, is able to continue to show the love of Christ in this season.  

GIVE: Do you want to partner with health ministries in Africa and South Asia to show Christ’s love during the global pandemic? You can give a tax-deductible gift to the SIMaid COVID-19 Emergency Fund here

*Names changed to protect identities and representative image used. 
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