Galmi Hospital Redevelopment

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Galmi Hospital Redevelopment

Reaching the Least Reached - West Africa - Project Code: 97450

Galmi Hospital opened its doors in 1950 to care for people who had no other nearby medical facilities. Today, Galmi Hospital serves more than 300 to 400 patients daily at its outpatient clinic, and holds 100 beds for adults and children who require a variety of medical, surgical or obstetric care. As a Christian hospital, Galmi Hospital provides compassionate, reliable medical care that opens the doors to sharing the Gospel in an area where over 99% of the population are followers of Islam or animists.

After decades in the harsh sub-Saharan climate, the original hospital buildings have deteriorated significantly. In order to enable the hospital to provide an uninterrupted service, the team is fundraising for a new combined medical/ paediatric ward. This new ward will give dignity to the patients and also provide a reasonable working environment for the hospital staff.

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