Zimbabwe is experiencing economic difficulties due to COVID-19. The sick and the elderly are most affected. Like many others in their community, survival is a daily battle for Rufaro* and her family.                                                                                                                          

  GIVE to Hope for Life

When she was 5 years-old, Rufaro lost her father to an AIDS-related illness. Rufaro and her mother are also both HIV-positive and need Antiretroviral Therapy (medication for HIV) to live a healthy life. 

Without her husband providing for them, Rufaro’s mother struggled to feed her three children. Sadly, Rufaro’s family situation is very common in Zimbabwe with almost 50% of the population living in extreme poverty in 2020 1

Community Health Care (CHC) is a project of SIM’s Hope for Life initiative, seeking to demonstrate Jesus’ love to families affected by HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe. CHC assists people living with HIV by training volunteers to care for the sick through a home visit program and by providing financial assistance for prescribed medicines, food and hospital fees.

As we approach Christmas, will you transform the life of a family impacted by HIV? A tax-deductible donation of $50 will enable our workers to provide vital healthcare, medicine and food packages to a family for a month.
 GIVE to Hope for Life 
Without the money to buy medicine and food for Rufaro and her siblings, their mother was desperate for help. However, just when she begun to lose hope, Rufaro’s mother was introduced to the project.  CHC provided the family with monthly food hampers and the medicine they were unable to receive from the clinic. 

Now 14, Rufaro’s life has been transformed. She receives food and medication from CHC so she can live a healthy life and manage the effects of HIV. A CHC field worker, said, “Rufaro is good at school and her ambition is to be a bank manager. Her reason for this is so she will be able to learn how to save money and be able to financially assist her mother and siblings.”

With the help of regular counselling sessions from CHC, Rufaro has accepted her HIV status. Despite the stigma in her culture, she is not embarrassed to take her tablets when she needs to. Rufaro is thankful that she has received the education and vital necessities to live a healthy life and looks to her future with hope. 

Since the early 1990s, SIM has transformed many lives through its Hope for Life projects around the world. With your partnership this Christmas, the lives of whole families can be transformed and their urgent needs met. 

*Name changed to protect identity. Representative image used. © Alamy, Duncan Phillips
1 UNICEF,2021

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