Unreached in Arequipa

Wednesday, 26 April 2017 Unreached in Arequipa

David and Christine Jeyachandran with their three children are serving in Arequipa, Peru. They work with university students, discipling and empowering them to reach their campus for Jesus. They connect with students through small groups on campus, English conversation classes and a web project. Although many of the students they minister amongst are "religious", many  have never read the Bible and fewer understand the amazing grace of Jesus!

"Teaching a subject at a university in Arequipa has opened up lots of opportunities with students.
One student was surprised to find out that I was also a missionary. He asked me how I knew there was right and wrong in a world full of different religions. When I explained how I trust the Bible is the Word of God, he followed up with another good question. How can we trust the Bible – has the message been changed just like Chinese Whispers?
I replied by asking him, how would you find out the original message in Chinese Whispers? Wouldn’t you go back to the source? In the same way, we can go back to the people who actually met Jesus and wrote about him. I was then able to invite this student to a Christian small group meeting on campus.
In Peru, even the students who consider themselves religious have never read the Bible for themselves. We are called to share the gospel where Christ is least known and universities are increasingly a place where students have little knowledge of the most important person in history. Please pray that we can clearly communicate the good news of Jesus Christ in universities."

SIM is looking for university student workers to serve in South America, South and Central Asia, Thailand and Zimbabwe. Are you on fire for God, prayerful and devoted to Biblical training? Passionate to influence leaders of the future? Self-motivated and able to motivate others?

SIM Australia are looking for courageous people to take the Gospel to different university campuses around the world! Opportunities include lecturing, university student workers, English teachers and counselors.

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