COVID-19 Update, 26 March 2020

As the coronavirus situation continues to evolve rapidly, we want to share with you how SIM Australia is responding and caring for our mission workers. Our executive leadership team is working in relation to our crisis management plan locally and under the global SIM crisis management leaders. SIM Australia followed the advice of SIM International in recommending all our mission workers to avoid or cancel non-essential international travel. The decision to limit travel now includes domestic and will be reviewed regularly by SIM Australia. This advice takes into consideration the current risks related to travel and the rapidly changing situation globally.

Our Mission Workers 
We thank God that all our mission workers are currently safe and well. 
If our mission workers are in a safe location, in good health, and well supported, they have been encouraged to remain in their assigned field country. Each of our SIM Field Countries has a team in place attuned to the local contexts and local risks and can advise our mission workers accordingly in consultation with SIM Australia. Mission workers who were in high-risk areas of contracting COVID-19 have already been temporarily relocated.  

We are conscious of those considered to be in a higher risk category, which includes older adults (those aged 60 and over) and people who have serious chronic medical conditions (i.e. heart disease, diabetes and lung disease). We are reviewing their situation in consultation with field leadership. Those most at risk have been asked to consider the option of relocation to a place where medical resources are more available. Precautions will be taken to ensure their safety. 

SIM Australia has communicated our guidelines with our mission workers for their various contexts. The recommendations and regulations surrounding the coronavirus pandemic are constantly changing. We appreciate your understanding and partnership as we work alongside our mission workers to support them during this time. 

Please do keep in touch with your mission worker at this time and let them know that you are praying for them. It will be a great encouragement to them.

Our Home Ministry Staff in Australia
SIM’s Sydney office remains open, however, staff that are equipped to work from home are now doing so. SIM’s Melbourne office is closed, with staff working remotely.  

All SIM Australia Events are cancelled until further notice.

‘By Prayer’
As we navigate this health crisis, we remain confident in the truth that God is faithful and sovereign in every circumstance. 

We would value your prayers as we continue to walk through these uncertain days. Since SIM’s beginnings, the focus has always been to respond to the needs around us ‘by Prayer’. Please join us as we call on the Lord during this time. 
Coronavirus Prayer Points

If you have any questions, please contact our Partner Relations team on 1300 746 580 or by emailing Thank you for your partnership as we continue to Make the Gospel Global