The Man Behind the Cover

Thursday, 12 January 2017 The Man Behind the Cover

It is difficult to miss the warmth in the expression on Sutin Keereekaiwan’s face. His face is open and kind. His body language expresses fatherly tenderness, his head just touching his daughter’s. They share the same shy smile.

Who is the man behind the 2016 SIM Effect Report cover?

Sutin is part of the SIM HOPE for AIDS Thailand (Radical Grace) team. He works as a Holistic Care and Support Worker. SIM Australia missionary Jacqui Croxon said,

“Sutin is an integral member of the Radical Grace team. He has an amazing, pastoral heart which is a perfect fit as he journeys alongside, supports and seeks to empower people living with and affected by HIV”.

When Sutin meets with clients, his teaching sessions include practicalities such as understanding the HIV disease process and how antiretroviral medication works. He ensures that the clients understand how to take their medication, and how to interpret blood tests and other results form check-ups. Another important component of Sutin’s role is discussing how to prevent the spread of HIV, which includes assessment of risk, contraception and family planning issues.

The philosophy behind Radical Grace is holistic and relational. Instead of seeing people as merely physical beings, Sutin addresses people as whole beings with emotional and spiritual needs. After spending time building up rapport and trust, Sutin discusses different issues such as how to deal with stigma and discrimination.

Sutin's care and concern for those living with and affected by HIV stems out of his deep love for Christ. As he grows in his understanding of Christ's compassion for him, he is able to demonstrate this compassion to many people experiencing significant health, emotional and social struggles related to HIV.

The 2015 SIM Effect Report is now available to download and read from our website. To find out how your prayers and gifts are making a difference, click here.


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