Love that breaks down walls

Thursday, 10 May 2018 Love that breaks down walls

The Redlight-Greenlight (RLGL) aftercare home in South Asia is seeking to bring transformation to the lives of girls who have been rescued from situations of sex trafficking and sexual abuse. The project is founded on the hope found in Isaiah 61, that those who mourn can exchange their grief for praise and be transformed into 'oaks of righeousnessness". It is the love of Christ that compels the RLGL staff team as they invest in the lives of young women like Panna*.

​When Panna arrived at RLGL, she refused to talk. She was tall and pretty and had an innocence in her eyes hidden behing her long bangs. Since the day she came to the home, she decided not to speak to anyone. Maybe she didn’t trust anyone or thought that telling the staff her story would get her into more trouble.

Regardless, the RLGL team cared for her and loved her in spite of the rebellion and resistance they faced from Panna. Panna also attempted to run away one night but failed to succeed as all the exits were secured well. Other girls in the home overheard her many times in her plans to run away from the home. The staff kept talking to her about the dangers of running away, but she did not pay any heed to their words.

Then one day she Panna fell ill. She was taken to a doctor and medical tests were done. The test reports showed that she had dengue fever and typhoid. Panna was really sick. The staff all nursed her, cared for her and stood by her during the illness.

Surprisingly, she recovered very soon and the team saw something different in her. They were all amazed to see how she opened up to talk to them! She started smiling every day. She was much happier and connected to everyone at the RLGL home. In fact, Panna turned out to be quite talkative! There was a real transformation that took place in her heart. Panna's heart had been touched and she felt thankful and loved. 

When the staff told her that she was going to be transferred to her home town, she was sad and had tears when she was leaving. It was sad but she went back as a person who had realised that she was worth loving. Panna also taught the team that sometimes all we need to do is love and care for people. It is enough to bring breakthroughs and to break walls.

​PRAY: Please pray for the RLGL team as they seek to develop a core staff team of women who are equipped to help traumatised girls heal. Give thanks for the impact the team is having on the lives of girls. Pray especially for Panna, that she was adjust well to being back in her home town and continue to walk a path towards healing.

GIVE: Want to parter with RLGL in breaking down walls with love? Click here to give a tax-deductible gift! 

*Name has been changed to protect identity
​Representative image used 


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