Living Boldly for Jesus

Thursday, 4 October 2018 Living Boldly for Jesus
Photo: Rebecca Miller

We have now been with SIM for ten years. In that time, we have had the privilege of serving in West Africa, seeking to make Jesus known amongst the desert tribes!

Although we didn’t know that we would be joining SIM at the time, we were among the crowd who gathered in Sydney on that momentous day 15 years ago when Omar was commissioned to be the new National Director of SIM Australia. I remember it being a time of hopeful anticipation, as we looked forward to seeing God do something new within and through SIM Australia. 

One of our earliest interactions with Omar, before we even joined SIM, was when he came and spoke at an International Student Bible Study group that we were running with some friends of ours in Melbourne. Just last month, some of those same students spoke of the lasting impact Omar’s testimony had on them. It was the message of being willing to give up everything, even a promising career and ‘climbing the ladder of success’, that particularly touched these students - who were not yet followers of Jesus. 

His testimony that “Jesus is worth it!” was a step in their own journey to place their faith in Jesus as Lord of their lives. They have since made choices to live that out in their own lives, living to serve other international students, and generously supporting us in mission – both choices resulting in bringing the Gospel to the nations! We hope that Omar’s timeless message of boldly living for Jesus and being willing to take risks for Him has touched many lives over the years gone by, and will continue to bear fruit into the future.

The last four years in West Africa have been some of the hardest but sweetest times for us in our ministry with SIM. We had the privilege of living out the vision statement of SIM, to make disciples of the Lord Jesus in communities where He is least known. Seeing God work to bring men and women out of darkness to begin courageously following Jesus has been the greatest thrill. Leading a team of new workers in that setting was a great privilege, and we thank God that some of them have begun returning to carry on that work that was begun. We can testify that taking risks for Jesus’ sake is definitely worth it.

Earlier this year, we also had the privilege of attending SIM’s Global Assembly. We were so encouraged and excited to see what God is doing in and through SIM. The present and the future look very bright for SIM, and we thank God for the many godly men and women that He has raised up at this time to lead SIM into the future. 

We give thanks to God for what He has done in the past 15 years during Omar’s time, and look forward with hopeful anticipation to see what God will do through SIM in order that His Kingdom be made known in communities where He is least known.

-Elliot and Annabelle*, SIM Australia workers in West Africa

*Names changed to protect identities

Omar serves as National Director as part of the SIM Home Ministry Team in Australia. The Home Ministry Team plays an integral role in facilitating mission through raising up, sending out and equipping workers for the Harvest. Please prayerfully consider how you could partner with SIM’s Home Ministry! Click here to find out more. 

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