Bearing Witness to the Greatest Gift: In Thailand 

Tuesday, 13 December 2022 Bearing Witness to the Greatest Gift: In Thailand  Thailand has a population of 71.5 million people and sadly, 88%* live in an unreached community. Ayutthaya, the former capital of Thailand, has been identified by SIM as one of the least reached places in the country.  

Praise God, SIM’s Faithful Witness initiative has sent a team of workers from across the world to make the Good News known in Ayutthaya.  

Faithful Witness is a strategic initiative of SIM that sends teams to make Jesus known in communities with no access to the Gospel. Aussie mission worker, Ruth, joined the team in Ayutthaya and has been working with local believers to form connections and build trust with those they are reaching out to in their ministries.  

“Although serving in a least reached place is isolating and challenging, being on a Faithful Witness team has helped form an identity that sustains me. The ever-present reminder that I am a servant of Jesus, the faithful and true witness, helps me persevere when it is hard.” – Ruth 

Will you join with SIM to send more people to communities with virtually no Christian witness and no church? A $100 gift will enable more workers to join Faithful Witness teams around the world.  

Despite serving during various lockdowns, Ruth has seen the faithfulness of God at work. At one event she hosted, one of her non-believing friends asked a team member about their journey to faith. Ruth said, “My Christian friend was able to share her journey to faith in Christ from a Buddhist background.”  

This Christmas, the Ayutthaya team will continue to bear witness to the gift of the Gospel in their community.  

“This Christmas, we will run Christmas outreach events at the local youth prison, a school, a Buddhist temple and in the community around our office,” Ruth shared. “We are praying that those who hear the Gospel for the first or second time will be moved to curiosity, conviction, repentance and faith.”  

We praise God that the seven already established Faithful Witness teams are bearing fruit as the Gospel is shared. However, SIM is prayerfully committed to the challenge of establishing and sending out ten new Faithful Witness teams every year until 2025.  

Will you join us in this challenge – to bear witness to the gift of the Gospel?  

Your support for Faithful Witness will enable SIM to send out more teams to communities who are living and dying without hearing the Gospel.  
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*Joshua Project, 2022 
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