Supporting community transformation in West Timor

Tuesday, 13 July 2021 Supporting community transformation in West Timor SIM Australia’s aid and development arm, SIMaid, seeks to practically demonstrate the love of God by ministering to the physical needs of least reached people groups. SIMaid’s e3 Community Transformation project supports holistic community development in West Timor. The project, which started in April 2012, offers training, mentoring and strategic support to non-government organisations and local leaders working to create transformational impact in West Timor.  

The key focus areas of e3 includes equipping these change agents through leadership development, peacebuilding, implementing health projects and providing assistance when developing relationships with other key stakeholders. 

In April 2021, various communities in West Timor suffered impact from Cyclone Seroja. Many families in coastal areas lost their homes and livelihoods. The flooding also resulted in landslides which caused damage to roads, bridges and the electricity network. The community where e3 is based had to navigate without electricity. One member of the e3 team, Josh, shared, “We had no power for two weeks. Fortunately, we could buy a generator to keep the office and fridge going, however, we had to use it sparingly as petrol was in limited supply.” 
Local doctors approached the e3 team to ask for help in surveying the worst affected areas in the region. Families in the local community who had been displaced were housed in temporary accommodation next to the village office. Thankfully, the community received plenty of essential supplies so the e3 team thought it would be best to assist with the transition from initial relief to long-term development.  

One e3 volunteer, Ian, led the process to successfully apply for a grant from Australian Volunteers in partnership with a local NGO to help the worst affected area, which has 196 families. The team will build low-cost hygienic toilets, provide water filters and provide reusable sanitary kits for women and girls in the community. An essential aspect of the project is to provide community development training in the areas of water, sanitation, hygiene, menstrual health and increasing agricultural yields. 

Join us in praising God for the opportunity for e3 to assist the community following the impact of Cyclone Seroja. Pray for the team as they continue to offer support and strategic guidance to affected communities.  
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